Apr 15 2009

Video Review of Chinese Flowering Tea

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Flowering Tea

A couple of weeks ago I saw a celebrity in a magazine with a little glass teapot with a blooming flower in the tea. I couldn’t tell you the magazine or the celebrity, but the flower in the tea stood out in my mind. I started researching online and found that I could order different types of the Flowering Tea. It comes in different flavors and packages. You can order the flowering bulbs themselves at a merchant like Might Leaf Tea. My particular set came from AsSeenonTvNetwork.com and is the Chinese Flower Tea offer featured at Sunshine Rewards.

Essentially you boil your water and then pour it over the bulb. As the bulb opens, the tea steeps. My particular variety was Jasmine. Not only was it beautiful to watch, but the tea was excellent as well. I’m anxious to make a fresh pot this afternoon for my daughters to see because they will think that it is amazing!

Here’s a a video of me making my first pot of Flowering Tea. You can see through the glass teapot (which is included in the As Seen on TV offer) that it starts as a bulb and within minutes is a fully bloomed flower. It would make a great gift for the tea drinker in your life.

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