Jul 14 2009

Disney’s Jungle Cruise Song by Weird Al

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Weird Al Skipper Dan

We’ve never posted a music video in the Sunshine Rewards videoblog before, but there is a first time for everything. For those of you who are Disney fans, this is a must watch! If you are a Weird Al Yankovic fan–even better!

Weird Al’s new song “Skipper Dan” is all about a man who has dreams of being an actor but ends up as the “tour guide” on Disney’s Jungle Cruise. I have to say that I love the Jungle Cruise. I especially love to ride it at night. The jokes are corny and some of the effects are looking outdated, but it is classic Disney and good family fun. So no disrespect to the Jungle Cruise! But the song is really cute. I especially love the part about “the back of water.” And the fact that he uses “IMDB” as a verb, something that I do all the time.

I pulled this video off of Weird Al’s MySpace page, but you can download the song through Amazon or iTunes.

Skipper Dan

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