Aug 18 2009

She Shops Around 12: Affiliate Summit East 09


We skipped an episode of podcasting because we were preparing for Affiliate Summit. So we figured that we had better bring our members back something good! Unlike most of our podcasts that have a clear theme, you won’t find anything that links together these three merchant reviews except that they are all merchants that we learned about at Affiliate Summit East in New York. Each of the three is unique in its own right, and we were able to see up close and personal the products from each of them while we were in New York.

Show Notes:

  • Cindy walked us through the new website. Ken Paves is known for being a hairdresser to the stars (including Jessica Simpson). Now you can get his line of hair extensions, cosmetics, and hair products online. (Earn 5% cash back on purchases from Sunshine Rewards)
  • Tricia revealed (shockingly) that she colors her hair.
  • We were all very impressed with what we learned about Ken Paves and the care that goes into formulating everything that he sells. Look for a video on the videoblog soon where you can see Angie trying out bangs!
  • Tricia introduced the Christian products site DaySpring. You may have seen some of their products at your local Hallmark store. They are the world’s largest producer of Christian greetings.
  • DaySpring features free shipping on orders over $50 directly on their site, and you can find coupons codes online for $ off certain minimums. (Earn 7% cash back from Sunshine Rewards and check out our exclusive DaySpring coupon!)
  • Do you Poken? After being introduced to the Poken at Affiliate Summit, Angie introduced us to the Poken Zoo program. We have a feeling that if you haven’t seen a Poken yet, you will be seeing one soon! (Earn 10% back on purchases through Sunshine Rewards.)
  • Pokens allow you to exchange social networking information with people just by touching your Pokens to each other. You have to check out the site to see how cool they are. Angie already ordered her little pink “Geisha.”

No dogs barking, doorbells ringing, or toilets flushing in this podcast. We almost sounded professional. Almost. Next podcast will be about where you can find college and NFL fan gear.

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