Sep 16 2009

She Shops Around 14: Last Place I Shopped


In the absence of a good theme this week, we decided to talk about the last place that each of us shopped online. Interestingly, we had all shopped at the places that the others had last shopped (that sentence seems weird). It was our second week using the free conference calling site instead of Skype and it went well.

Show Notes:

* Cindy explained why she shopped at despite the fact that she has no kids at home. She got so caught up in the excitement of everyone else buying the craft grab bags that she ended up buying some for her grandsons. (Earn 10% cash back at Sunshine Rewards)
* We’re hoping that will be able to stay in business even though their site says that they are no longer doing the Craft of the Month clubs. The grab bags are terrific.
* Tricia talked about and the volumizing hairspray that she purchased there the other day. Everyone was in agreement that has a huge selection of different types of items as well as regular coupons and discounts. (Get coupons and earn 5% cash back).
* Cindy loves the “BOGO.” Angie thought Tricia’s talk about the Sexual Well Being section was TMI.
* Angie introduced and everyone talked about what a great deal their restaurant gift certificates are as well as how it helps you to try out new restaurants. (Shout out from Tricia to Mudsocks in Noblesville, Indiana!) (Get coupons and earn 7% cash back)

Next time we will be back to a more traditionally themed podcast. Maybe.

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