Nov 17 2010

Sunshine Kids Love Smiley Cookies

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We were lucky enough to get a box in the mail from this week. I was particularly excited because I am from Pittsburgh and have not had the Smiley Cookies from Eat’ n Park in a long time. I realized that my kids have never had them! It was such a treat to share with them the “Steeler Cookies.” But even if you are not a Steelers (or Pirates) fan, you can still enjoy the Smiley Cookies because they are customizable!

The original Smiley Cookies are round, but they do have shapes like stars and flowers year round in addition to special shapes for holidays (I think trees are on their way soon). You can customize the color of the background icing as well as the Smiley color. These would be perfect for any team or school or even just the favorite colors of a birthday boy or girl.

Smiley Cookies are hand-made and make a perfect gift for any occasion. I love that they come in a happy looking box! They run specials all the time and you can send a gift for as little as $12.99. Check out Sunshine Rewards for Smiley Cookie coupons and discounts plus cash back! And check out our video below to see what Jillian and Cassie think about them.


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  1. Nanaon 17 Nov 2010 at 4:19 pm

    I just saw the video of the cookies with Jillian and Cassie. Bet there won’t be any by the time we get there Friday!! They lo0k really good and I LOVE the box!!!