Nov 23 2010

Fairytale Brownies Video Review

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How lucky was I to get a delivery today from one of my new favorite merchants, Fairytale Brownies? Sunshine Rewards members know that I am a chocolate fanatic and love to try different types of cookies and brownies. I have to admit that I bought myself a box of Fairytale Brownies about a week ago before I could even make a video review of them. (In all fairness, I had some help from my family and Ashleigh’s family). This time I managed to keep myself out of the boxes long enough for the kids to come home from school and immediately help me make the video!

As you can see from the video, Fairytale Brownies make a perfect gift for a number of different reasons. They are not only delicious but are packaged nicely and come individually wrapped. They come in different flavors (Chocolate Chip is a hit around here) and the brownies themselves even come in different sizes (Magic Morsels, Sprites, and regular size). You can order different combinations of the flavors and sizes.

What you don’t see in the video is that they come at a great price and in a variety of different prices for your gift-giving needs. You can find different types of boxes for different occasions, buy them in bulk, or even choose your own flavors. Custom gifts can be made with your company logo or for wedding favors or baby showers.

Check out Sunshine Rewards for our Fairytale Brownies coupons and cash back. You can get gifts starting as low as $15.95 and right now we even have a 15% off coupon. Watch the video below and see just how tasty we found them to be!


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  1. Nanaon 24 Nov 2010 at 8:56 pm

    Since they last a week or 6 months in the refigerator…how about saving one for Grandpa and me to sample when we come up???? Oh yeah!!

  2. Hilary Leeon 24 Nov 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Excellent video review of Fairytale Brownies! Glad to see that you and your helpers are enjoying the brownies!