Sep 21 2011

She Shops Around 28: Comparing Online Coupons

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Online Coupons and Deals

Online Coupons and Deals

For the average consumer, it’s hard to understand the different types of online coupons and deals. Tricia Meyer and Ashleigh Ball talk in this podcast about the different types of codes and how to get the best deals shopping online. Find Coupons and Discounts for hundreds of merchants at Sunshine Rewards and combine then with cash back rewards.

Show Notes

  • Compare free shipping (minimums, no minimums) with flat rate shipping and figure out when they are good deals and when they are not. When are “per item” charges the best deals?
  • Percent off coupons and dollar off coupons from the same merchant can be confusing. Do the math to figure out which is better for you. Spending more to save more isn’t usually worth it.
  • “Stacking” coupons is the best deal when it is possible. Not all merchants allow it but it is worth trying.
  • “BOGO” can be “Buy One Get One Free” or “Buy One Get One Half Off” depending on the merchant and that makes a big difference.
  • Read the fine print for exclusions such as brands or previously reduced merchandise.

You can save a lot of money online when you use free shipping, flat rate shipping, percentage off, and dollar off coupons but you need to still be a smart shopper and compare prices, deals, and coupons across sites.

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