Oct 11 2021

Donate $20 to American Cancer Society and Get 20.00 Credit

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American Cancer Society Donation

For a limited time, we have a special opportunity for our members.

Make a minimum $20.00 tax-deductible donation to the American Cancer Society and you will receive a 20.00 credit from Sunshine Rewards. 

Your donation can provide access to cancer screening information and resources that can help catch cancer early, when it may be easier to treat. In fact, monthly giving allows the American Cancer Society to save more than 500 lives a day from cancer. 

On a personal note, I am positive that my mom is only here today because of the early detection of her pancreatic cancer. As one of the deadliest cancers, early detection is one of the only ways to increase life expectancy. With the number of people who put off cancer screenings during the pandemic, the American Cancer Society needs our help now more than ever. 

Log into your SR account and visit the American Cancer Society offer to get more information.

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