Dec 07 2023

Get a $4 Amazon Video Credit for Watching a Commercial

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We found a terrific deal except we are not sure exactly how to tell you to get it or who even qualifies! But we know we just got a $4 Amazon Prime Video Credit for watching a 10 second M&Ms commercial and hope you can get it, too!

When I turned on my TV today that is enabled with a FireTV stick, the normal ads popped up–first a couple of video ads and then just the rotating ads at the top of the menu screen. I love Christmas Vacation, so this ad caught my eye:

But if you looks closely at it, you will see that there is small print that says:

"Holiday Movie Night, Get $4 in Prime Video Credits, Presented by M&Ms"

I clicked to "Learn More" and it took me to a page called "Holiday Movie Night curated by M&Ms," which was first a picture of an M&Ms video and then a carousel of holiday videos, starting with Christmas Vacation.

I watched the video, which was just an M&Ms Christmas commercial I have already seen in the past. Within 5 minutes, I received an email saying I got my $4 in Prime Video Credit!


It doesn't look like there is any way to watch the video online as far as I can tell. The Terms and Conditions state "Eligible customers who watch the online advertisement.. on FireTV…" and "Offer only available to customers…. who land on this FireTV landing page…"

So if you have a FireTV or Fire TV Stick, it might be worth paying attention to the advertisements at the top of the page from now through Christmas just in case this one or others like it pop up for you! If you don't have a Fire TV Stick, they are 50% off right now and well worth the money. We stream EVERYTHING with ours and even travel with one. 

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