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Jun 29 2009

Sunshine Rewards Member Review of

One of the biggest reasons to shop at Sunshine Rewards is that you can learn about merchants from our membership community. Members are always quick to leave reviews and give feedback, both positive and negative. In this case, we are pleased to present you with a video review of done by one of our […]

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Sep 09 2008

Fruit Dip Recipe Featuring Cinnamon

All year long my family waits for the opening day of the NFL season, and it is not because they are big football fans. It is because they are big FOOD fans and football day means great food at our house. I love to make trays of veggies, fruits, dips, crackers, and other gameday treats. […]

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Sep 02 2008

NFL Fan Merchandise at Football Fanatics

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One of our featured merchants during our Football Kickoff is Football Fanatics–and for more than one reason! Not only are they sponsoring our Show Your Spirit Contest, but they are actually one of my favorite sports sites from which to make my own purchases. In the past I have always had a hard time finding […]

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Jul 21 2008

Sunshine Rewards Reviews

If you like to cook and you want good spices for your food, look no further. At Sunshine Rewards, we have a new merchant that specializes in spices and seasonings. They not only carry the common ones like pepper, garlic and sage, but they also carry some of their own special blends like Apple Pie […]

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