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Nov 10 2011

Holiday Decorating Giveaway from Appliance Art

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Every now and again we come across a product that is so unique and cool that we just have to bring it to our members. Appliance Art is one of those products. And we are fortunate enough to be giving away a great prize from them in addition to having an exclusive coupon! What is […]

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Aug 03 2011

Make Custom Stencils with Stencil Ease

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Whether you are looking for stencils for your home or your business, Stencil Ease is a great way to get professional stencils at a price that fits your budget. We were turned onto Stencil Ease by a couple of our members and were so excited to see all of the possibilities. From simple graphic and […]

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Jul 13 2008

Sunshine Rewards Reviews Canvas on Demand

I’ll admit up front that home decor is not my strength. I tend to stick with classic elements in my house, including a lot of photographs. But in this case, my cherished family photo is also an excellent piece of home decor. Sitting on my mantle is a piece of canvas art from Canvas on […]

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