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Nov 16 2008

Hot Toy Alert: Order TOOBEEZ through Sunshine Rewards

In an age where kids are spending more and more time in front of video games and computers, it is refreshing to see a toy that not only encourages not only physical activity but also imagination. TOOBEEZ are like life-sized TinkerToys. They can be connected and reconnected to make tents, boats, airplanes, submarines, and more. […]

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Sep 15 2008

Order Iron Jawed Angels at Sunshine Rewards

Recently a member of our forum posted a forwarded email about the women’s voting rights movement and the importance of women voting. The email referenced a movie that I had never heard of–Iron Jawed Angels. The more that I learned about the movie, the more interested I became. Everywhere that I look, the movie gets […]

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Aug 21 2008

Piano Wizard Introduction

A little over a year ago, I won a Piano Wizard system for my daughters. I always wanted my daughters to learn how to play the piano but we have such busy schedules with school, dance, acting classes, church activities, etc. This seemed to be the perfect solution! The girls played around with it for […]

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