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Jul 13 2010

She Shops Around 23: Save on Summer

[display_podcast] Summer is in full swing now and most of us are looking to save money. Cindy and I talked today in our podcast about ways to save whether you are staying at home or traveling. All of the merchants that we talked about are available for cash back or rewards of some kind at [...]

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Mar 06 2009

Wii Carnival Games Review by Sunshine Rewards

I know this isn’t the best quality video and I am a little late getting it up (notice the Christmas tree in the background??) but my kids were playing Wii Carnival Games again last night and I remembered that I wanted to tell all of you about it! We got Wii Carnival Games for Christmas [...]

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Apr 21 2008

Entertainment Books

I just noticed that Entertainment Books are on sale for $9 right now with free shipping. If any of you have never seen an Entertainment Book, you should check out this video. My particular Entertainment Book is for Indianapolis, but they have them for most major cities. Most people assume that they are mainly restaurant [...]

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